About WiseLoop

Developing PHP Scripts, WordPress Plugins, JavaScript and jQuery Plugins


We are an enthusiastic team of professional software developers developing web applications, web sites and SEO for local and international business.

WiseLoop also specializes in developing quality software components and libraries for programmers and offers the full cycle of software services: from ideas, design, development, enhancement, maintenance and support.

How long?

We are active on codecanyon.net for almost 4 years now, and overall we have over 15 years of experience in software development and support.


We are proud to tell you that our products were purchased by over 3355 clients that were so gentle to rate most of our products with 4 and 5 stars on codecanyon.net.


Our team was awarded as Feature Author and our Web Grabber WordPress Plugin stood many weeks in Top WordPress Sellers on codecanyon.net.


We use various technologies and frameworks such as: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, .NET Framework, SQL Server, etc.
Software products developed by WiseLoop are compatible with all browsers and have the support of the entire development team.

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