Web Grabber WordPress Plugin

This is a live demonstration post for WiseLoop Web Grabber WordPress Plugin.
Below, in the red squares, are shown various extracted contents from different web site pages grabbed by this amazing WordPress Plugin using the provided “webgrab” shortcode.

Example 1: Very simple grabbing of first paragraph from the WordPress website
Shortcode: [ webgrab url='http://wordpress.org/about/' tag='{p class="intro"}']

Tag <p class="intro"> not found.

Example 2: Complex grabbing with tags removal, string replacements and tag instance filtering
Shortcode: [ webgrab url='http://www.freewebsitetemplates.com' tag='{ul}' contains='images/templates' rtag1='{div class="option"' srch1='/images/templates/' repl1='http://www.freewebsitetemplates.com/images/templates/' srch2='/images/ads/templates/' repl2='http://www.freewebsitetemplates.com/images/ads/templates/']

Example 3: Requested by HammyHavoc
Getting MySpace friends number: [ webgrab url='http://www.myspace.com/psihamster' tag='span class="toolbarCount"' cache='0']
Getting Last.Fm plays: [ webgrab url='http://www.last.fm/user/DominarHammy' tag='span class="count"' cache='0']

URL "http://www.myspace.com/psihamster" does not exist, is not readable or is protected against scraping.
Check if your IP address "" has access permission to this URL.

Last.Fm plays: Tag span class="count" not found.

Example 4: Requested by danialhr
Shortcode: [ webgrab url='http://www.raymondphang.com/blog/2011/kok-keong-charmaine-actual-day-wedding' tag='{div id="post-' cache='0']

Tag <div id="post- not found.

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